Club Updates


July 2017

Volunteers are in the process of meeting with some of the landowners and planing some new special events for the upcoming season.

There will be a couple of minor reroutes this upcoming season.

Keeping you updated...





April 2017

Hi members:

NOTICE - Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming up on April 12, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.

The meeting will be held at the Stayner Arena, located at 269 Regina Street, Stayner, ON.

We will be in the small board room. The room is accessible ONLY from the outside parking lot (along the north east side of the parking lot).

Everyone is invited to attend, especially new faces.

This meeting is especially important because we need some new volunteers to take on executive roles for the upcoming season. Without names of directors on the corporation, by April 2017, the club can lose it's corportation.

Open positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Other jobs that we need help with include Groomer Manager, Trails Coordinator, Signage Coordinator and Inspection Coordinator. Many hands make lighter work for all, so please don't be shy.

If you're interested in a particular role and are able to commit to helping out, but you have questions about what's involved, please come out and ask.

This club was founded by volunteers in 1976 and we'd like to keep it going, but we need your help.








Jan 19, 2017

At this time, the downpour of rain and mild temperatures have done a lot of damage to trails creating lots of water and destroying the base we were working so hard to establish.

As always, check with the OFSC live update page located at

OFSC TRAIL MAP (click here) listing what's open and what's still closed.

This is a comprehensive list of trails across Ontario of what's open and what's closed. Be respectful, if a trail is listed closed, it's for a reason (perhaps lack of snow, perhaps landowners request, perhaps winter wheat. Riding closed trails puts not only you at danger, but it puts our land-use agreement with the landowner at risk of being torn up and done for good), so just because it looks ok to ride, if it's closed, there's a reason for it so please stay off and find another trail that's open to ride. Please spread the word to your ridding buddies and gals!

You may notice over the next few years, that we've got less and less places to ride (as you hear the sound of expensive carbides scraping down the road...) The more people tresspass off trail on private property, the more "TRAIL CLOSED" signs you'll see in the years to come. How many times have you come across this already this year? It's a reality folks.

We sincerely thank those who stay on trail, and we encourage you to please educate other riding buddies to be respectful of people's land. I'm sure all riders can agree on one thing, we all want to continue to enjoy riding trails, not roads.

It takes volunteers months and months of talking to many landowners getting them to give us permission to use their land. All it takes is one rider who can't stay on the designated trail to ruin that relationship we worked so hard to earn. Don't be the sour apple to spoil it for everyone. "STAY ON TRAIL OR STAY HOME". This doesn't just apply to trails in our club, this applies to all trails across Ontario. I've personally ridden across many different areas, finding more and more closed sections, more re-routes, and more and more road running this year. It's a sad reality yet it's something we can either all work together to fix or we can do nothing about it and continue on this path and end up selling our sleds cause there's no where good left to ride.

Happy riding!



Dec 31, 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

Yesterday, we had an amazing team of groomer operators working non-stop. It started at 9 am with Justin grooming an 8 hour shift, then at 4 p.m. Phil took over for another 8 hour shift till midnight. Then at midnight, Keith took over and did an 8 hour shift, and at 8 am, Dan took over and ran another 8 hour shift. Special thanks goes out to our amazing team of groomer operators working non-stop throughout the day and night to get our trails ready. How many years can you count that we've had so many km of trails open before New Year's?

Our awesome neighbours (Meaford District Ridge Runners) just opened up as limited so we can now open our B trail as limited in all directions!

702 remains closed due to a large water hole near Grey Road 2 which is impassable at this time and it's pretty deep and muddy (speaking from the guy who has to test the frigid waters...)

703 and 704 trails remain closed because Collingwood didn't get enough snow and some private property fields are very bare. We need to protect our landowner's winter crops.

Happy Riding and Happy New Year, ride safe and we'll see you all in the New Year!


Dec 30, 2016

HOT OFF THE PRESS (7:15 p.m.)

Some of Blue Mt. Trails are open as limited: B trail from Fairgrounds Road up to and including parts of the 702 trail, but only up to the 805 intersection. Beyond that point, there is a large water hole that is 2-3 feet deep full of mud and there's no way around until it starts to freeze, so for now, the rest of 702 is closed. 701 is open up through Singhampton, and B111 is open as limited. 703 is partly open between Fairgrounds to Stayner. North 703 is still closed as there is some very thin coverage in town on some private property with winter wheat. Please be respectful of the landowners and stay out. 704 up Gr 19 is still closed at this point. Stay tuned as more information comes in from our fantastic groomer operators!

Just because you see a groomed trail, does not mean it's open yet. Please get in the habit of checking with the OFSC map below, you can download the app for your phone. If the trail is RED stay off, it's red for a reason. Find other trails that are yellow or green to ride.. It shouldn't be long now...


NOTICE: Trail 703 on the south side of Poplar (west of the rail line)

There is winter wheat under the trail, please stay on trail and avoid spinning the track. Crop damage means we could lose access to this land in the future (please don't be the person who causes the rest of us to run the roads in the future).



Establishing good relations with landowners takes MANY YEARS of trust between the landowner and the club VOLUNTEER(S) who spends hunderds of hours talking to landowners to address their concerns and get all the legal paperwork signed. Keep in mind, our volunteers work a full time job, many work 2 jobs and still spend hundreds of hours to maintain the trails for all our riders. We're not paid. We just want to have trails to ride, and our volunteers understand that without commitment from dedicated volunteers, our once great trails will start to close off chunk by chunk to the point where we won't have any access to the great places we can currently ride out from. It takes time, work and dedication of so many people who work non-stop behind the scenes to maintain what we have.

All it takes is 5 seconds for one sled to cause enough crop damage then the club volunteer gets a phone call to close that section of trail immediately. Think about that before you or your friends hammer down the throttle. Please spread the word.

Two things that really annoy landowners:

i) people who cause crop damage by going off trail, most especially on private property.

ii) excessively loud / modified exhausts (there's nothing worse than being woken up by some snowmobile during the night by a snowmobile with a modified exhaust)



i) B trail - in the next year, we could lose a key piece of land off 6th concession (on the east side of 6th concession). This is due to a possible asphault plant going in where the trail is currently. We can certainly use your help here, if you have any connections with landowners in this area that could help us find a reroute, please leave a message on our FACEBOOK, or send a PM on our facebook. CLICK HERE FOR A MAP OF THE AFFECTED AREA.

ii) B111 trail - Several years ago, west of 6th Concession (down in Glen Huron) going from Glen Huron toward John Deere at Airport Road, there used to be a great trail instead of running along 18/19 Sideroad. We can certainly use your help here re-establishing a connection, if any riders have any connections with some of the landowners in this area that could help us get this trail back and off the road, please leave a message on our FACEBOOK, or send a PM on our facebook. CLICK HERE FOR A MAP OF THE AFFECTED AREA.