Collingwood's motorized snow vehicle bi-law consists of two   documents The first deals with rules of the roads, where you can ride on them and where you absolutely cannot ride.  The second deals with the local trail system  Collingwood has a 4 season multi use trail system, during the winter months some allow for snowmobile access.  Make yourself familiar with these as they will allow you greater access to our local snowmobile trails.

The Blue Mountain Snow Drifters do their best to clearly mark the entire snowmobile trail but do to unfortunate circumstances some markers get removed  or damaged ,in more heavily trafficked areas ,and not all feeder lines to the trail system are staked, but as a general rule if you see one of our orange poles, you're on the right path.


Know before you go.  Check the trail staus to be sure the trails are open.  Red means closed.  Although it may appear there is enough snow for sledding.  We respect the private property owners who are gracious enough to allow us access to their land.  Snow may not be the only reason a trail is closed

We are fortunate to be able to supply 2 staging areas in Collingwood

Familiarize yourself with the local by-laws for on street rinding as well as what routes are permissible for accessing the local trail system

We hope you find our site useful and look forward to seeing you on our trails.  BMSD is just one of 230 clubs across Ontario and we encourage you to explore everything Ontario and this great sport has to offer


Comprising Simcoe County and what is historically known as "Huronia", OFSC District 8 is consistently blessed with an abundance of lake effect snow due to its close proximity to Georgian Bay. This popular winter playground located west of Lake Simcoe encompasses breathtaking outlooks of the picturesque Niagara Escarpment and connects many well serviced rural and lakeshore communities with its over 1300km of scenic trails. 

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